How to connect a desktop computer (Windows XP) to the Internet, available on a mobile phone (Android: HTC Desire), via Bluetooth?

Given: HTC Desire mobile phone operating under the control of the “raw” (unpatched, non-rooted) Android 2.1 operating system. It has a mobile Internet (Tele2 EDGE). It is necessary: ​​to connect a desktop computer running Windows XP to a mobile phone (and this means also to the Internet is the main thing). Replace the operating system, please do not offer. The computer is equipped with a Bluetooth key fob, via Bluetooth and it needs to be connected. (USB-cord connection is a trivial task, but ... Read more

Are there any good and complete guidelines for the development of applications for Android in Russian?

If it’s too little or not, but the English that are much superior in quality are known, it would be good to learn about them. The material should devote the person to all relevant aspects of the platform, such as controlling the G-sensor, camera, external and internal API. Highly desirable code examples and implementation tasks. Paper editions are also possible. Read more

UI mobile applications: Native SDK vs. HTML5

Suppose you have a task to write a cross-platform application for the iPhone, Android and other modern mobile OS; for example, a mobile client for your web service. What do you choose: learn the intricacies of the native SDK to build the UI for each specific platform, or use WebKit and HTML5? Immediately, I note that the use of HTML5 in no way limits access to all the functionality of the device, since the WebKit engine on both the iPhone and Android allows native-code and javascript to ... Read more

How on Android to disable one of the accounts in google?

I have mail and gtolk on the domain - they are basic and spelled out in android. but a standard gmail account is also needed, there are more features. However, when I add a regular Google account with my second account, I always find myself online on both sites, although I have been using only those on a domain for a long time. How to disable? Read more

What is the Android API to use to get data about available base stations?

Here Google Maps determines the position, even when the GPS is turned off. Obviously, somehow on base stations. Can it get the current stations available and place the phone at their intersection? But how to do it in my program on Android. For example, if you need to get a list of stations, which API should you use? What can be obtained from them (number, name)? Thank! Read more

Disable Google Talk on Android

The domain is bound to ejabberd and at the same time Google Apps is used for mail. The system asks for synchronization with the included GTalk for synchronization, temporarily turned it on and then turned it off because it conflicts with the usual gabber. Is it possible to disable the service or at least auto talk to Talk. When I do “Sign off” at the next boot it connects again and gives an authorization error At the same time, there are problems with the market when the domain service is ... Read more

HTC Desire size avatars?

How to make an avatar for a contact so that it is not blurred when displaying a call? Read more

How to add additional characters to the Android on-screen keyboard or create your own keyboard layout?

I use HTC Desire. There is an acute shortage of Russian quotes (“Christmas trees”), a long dash (-), and an unbreakable space; I would not refuse other symbols link. So the question is: is it possible to fill up the on-screen keyboard of HTC Desire with additional characters? If so, how? If not, what are some workarounds (create your own keyboard layout? Download another keyboard, for which there are tools for changing layouts?)? ... Read more

How can I use Yandex.Maps for Android for free? (On MTS or Megaphone)

Enthusiasts from remembered collecting apk with Yandex.karts whose traffic is as free as the traffic of branded Yandex cards under the symbian / WM ... Their posts there for some reason were carefully cut out ... But to put the left apk which then can not be updated from the market as it would not want to ... Is there another way on a flexible system like Android? Read more

Chat between Android and iPhone

Someone who prompts the chatting service for two people, one for Android, another for iPhone. Need a program with multitasking on the iPhone. (Or push notifications) Read more

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