How to connect a desktop computer (Windows XP) to the Internet, available on a mobile phone (Android: HTC Desire), via Bluetooth?

Given: HTC Desire mobile phone operating under the control of the “raw” (unpatched, non-rooted) Android 2.1 operating system. It has a mobile Internet (Tele2 EDGE). It is necessary: ​​to connect a desktop computer running Windows XP to a mobile phone (and this means also to the Internet is the main thing). Replace the operating system, please do not offer. The computer is equipped with a Bluetooth key fob, via Bluetooth and it needs to be connected. (USB-cord connection is a trivial task, but ... Read more

How to share wifi from a laptop for htc desire 2.2 without root?

Laptop sony vaio NS series, well, HTC Desire with firmware 2.2. On the idls laptop internet, I want to update 2.2 to the last, but there is no internet, I want the phone to see the internet via wifi from the laptop. Read more

HTC Desire size avatars?

How to make an avatar for a contact so that it is not blurred when displaying a call? Read more

How to add additional characters to the Android on-screen keyboard or create your own keyboard layout?

I use HTC Desire. There is an acute shortage of Russian quotes (“Christmas trees”), a long dash (-), and an unbreakable space; I would not refuse other symbols link. So the question is: is it possible to fill up the on-screen keyboard of HTC Desire with additional characters? If so, how? If not, what are some workarounds (create your own keyboard layout? Download another keyboard, for which there are tools for changing layouts?)? ... Read more

Which phone to choose?

I want to buy a new phone tomorrow, change my Nokia E52 to something new, I look towards the iPhone 4 or HTC HD2. Can someone else suggest something more interesting or give a couple of arguments? Read more

Which phone to choose?

I choose between iPhone 3G \ 3GS, HTC HD2 and HTC Desire. I’m in a slight confusion - what to choose ... I’m on equal terms with both Android and WinMo, iOS wasn’t at all. Here it is. I ask your advice :) Read more

New androids from HTC - release date?

Comrades, I got all charred, I can’t find at least an approximate date for the new Desire to appear on the shelves (I'm on HD & Z). Found an approximate price - about 26-27, but I can not find the release date. I ask for help. Read more

Link two phones by wi-fi

Can I connect two phones by wi-fi (for example htc wildfire and htc desire / desire hd) so that you can talk on the headset over the radio as if you were not using external access points? < br /> Thanks for attention! Read more

HTC Legend vs Motorola Milestone?

Hello, habr. Sorry, I don’t really bother you, but I don’t even know who else to rely on. And I have the following problem: the need to buy a new phone has become very urgent. Having suffered with all possible platforms, I stopped at Androyd. But, due to the limited budget (up to 15k for a gray phone), very few models came to the attention, namely sabzhevye. Tell me, please, what would you choose in my place (or would you suggest your own version?). And I beg you, convincingly. Androyd is stil... Read more

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