How to connect a desktop computer (Windows XP) to the Internet, available on a mobile phone (Android: HTC Desire), via Bluetooth?

Given: HTC Desire mobile phone operating under the control of the “raw” (unpatched, non-rooted) Android 2.1 operating system. It has a mobile Internet (Tele2 EDGE). It is necessary: ​​to connect a desktop computer running Windows XP to a mobile phone (and this means also to the Internet is the main thing). Replace the operating system, please do not offer. The computer is equipped with a Bluetooth key fob, via Bluetooth and it needs to be connected. (USB-cord connection is a trivial task, but ... Read more

Lagging stereo-Bluetooth headset Motorola S9 HD on the street

Hello. Just the other day, I purchased a Bluetooth stereo headset (in the context of this post, headphones) Motorola S9 HD. At the time of purchase, before giving the courier the money, I tested them properly (connect to mp3 player iRiver SPINN and Google Nexus One). Everything was nishtyak :) Even conducted a long range test - put the player on the table and left for 10 meters in the ears - the music was playing. The jokes began when I pushed my new home on my head. 1) As soon as I went ou... Read more

High-quality Bluetooth headphones?

I want wireless headphones, but with a standard interface, such as Bluetooth. Actually, I want to know if there are any Bluetooth headphones in nature with relatively good sound quality (at least for the level of MP3 256-320). What can you recommend? Separately, the question about the model that attracted me (in particular, the active noise) - Sennheiser PXC 310 BT. Has anyone listened to them? What can you say? And also, what is apt-X technology - does it really improve sound quality, or i... Read more

Link two phones by wi-fi

Can I connect two phones by wi-fi (for example htc wildfire and htc desire / desire hd) so that you can talk on the headset over the radio as if you were not using external access points? < br /> Thanks for attention! Read more

How to connect a Samsung GT-C3212 phone to a PC with Linux via BlueTooth to synchronize contacts, SMS and notes?

Actually, the subject. I intend to use Wammu, but I did not find a description for my device on their website. There is a computer with Windows and New PC Studio for experiments and clarifications. Read more

Problems with Ubuntu on a Toshiba u500-10m laptop

Hello. I think the question is relevant only for owners of Toshiba laptops. I have long wanted to transfer to Ubuntu and that's when my hands finally reached - I ran into a number of grieving and repulsive problems. The first thing that caught my eye was that the notebook doesn’t have coolers under ubuntu. Googling it turned out that the problem was not with me alone, but also that in addition to this problem there were problems with bluetooth, hibernation and a number of smaller ones. I kno... Read more

Android as a headset for another phone?

Is it possible to write an application for Android in order to implement the Bluetooth Headset profile in it with the aim of making and making calls from another phone via Bluetooth? I would be grateful for links to ready-made applications if any. Read more

Bluetooth on the ear - is it harmful?

What is better for brain health, leaning your mobile to your ear when talking or wearing a bluetooth headset on your ear all day? Talk, say, 20-30 minutes a day. Does Bluetooth also radiate? Or is it not so critical? Read more

Android / iOS - communication with Bluetooth using the application as a service?

Good day There was an idea, perhaps on its basis something later will grow more serious. We need the advice of knowledgeable people about the fundamental possibility of its implementation in modern conditions. The idea is to create an application for Android / iOS phones that, in service mode, listens to surrounding Bluetooth devices and if it finds one with a specific identifier, then begins to communicate with it at certain intervals. An example of this: I want to, when I enter the room... Read more

Make friends ipod touch 4g and nokia ld-4w

How to make friends ipod touch 4g and nokia ld-4w. iPod for some reason does not even see gps in bluetooth devices. Read more

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