How to connect a desktop computer (Windows XP) to the Internet, available on a mobile phone (Android: HTC Desire), via Bluetooth?

Given: HTC Desire mobile phone operating under the control of the “raw” (unpatched, non-rooted) Android 2.1 operating system. It has a mobile Internet (Tele2 EDGE). It is necessary: ​​to connect a desktop computer running Windows XP to a mobile phone (and this means also to the Internet is the main thing). Replace the operating system, please do not offer. The computer is equipped with a Bluetooth key fob, via Bluetooth and it needs to be connected. (USB-cord connection is a trivial task, but ... Read more

Tags in windows explorer?

Actually there is a desire to arrange a tag system in the explorer so that photos / videos can be scattered not only by date / quality, but also by place, genre, etc. Does anyone know a good thread for this? I tried TaggedFrog, but with large amounts of data, it starts to slow down hopelessly, and sometimes hang. Linux options can not offer - there I work. Read more

iPhone 3Gs & amp; Windows 7 x64

Hello! Please help the collective mind. A week ago, I purchased a new iPhone 3GS. On my machine (Acer 8942G OS: Windows 7 x64 Home Premium) it didn’t sync and it’s not recognized at all in itunes. A little googling, I found out that there is a synchronization problem with my OS, and I also sinned on the intel p55 chipset (I don’t know on which chipset my laptop was assembled, but on my bi and on it). On another laptop with XP, synchronization is excellent. Without thinking twice, I launche... Read more

Windows 7 - system takes port 80?

I ran into a problem when Denver hadn’t started up at the start of Apache when he started saying that port 80 was busy. Denver moved to another port, but that's not the point. netstat -ano says "TCP ESTABLISHED 4". Port 60976 changes periodically and the process with pid 4 is system.exe. < br /> Actually, the question is: why does system.exe take port 80, and how to cure it? Threat localhost:8080 is not happy :( Upd: Sorry for the error, not System.exe, ... Read more

Windows 7 and DHCP

For a long time I can not understand the reason for the problem with DHCP in the seven. I have an Asus wl500gp router and it always (!!) gives the computer an ip-address of, not 1.5 or 1.10, namely 1.253 Today they brought me the DIR-320 and I cannot configure it, problems with DHCP, when I automatically get the address, we again get the ill-fated and after 30 seconds the address changes to something like Help defeat the problem. Read more

Problem with GDI + in Visual Studio Express 2010

For general development I decided to dig WinAPI in C ++. When working, for example, with the Bitmap class, problems arise with types of such a plan: And accordingly, all this is not compiled. As far as I understand, I did not add anything to the inclusions. Now there is only Windows.h and Gdiplus.h. Tell me, what else is there to add in order that there would be no such problems? Read more

Creating a folder (directory), password-protected using Java

Actually the question in the header is very clearly stated. It is necessary to create (once, then read and write to it) a password-protected folder. How exactly can Java do this? The known platform on which the application will run: Windows XP sp 2. P.S. Google somehow could not intelligibly answer, or I asked him wrong = ( Read more

How to open a local site in Windows XP Mode?

In Windows 7 Ultimate, Apache 2 is installed, on which several local sites are running, how to access them from Windows XP Mode? Read more

Widget for google wave?

Is there a handy desktop widget (win7) that would display the waves? I found a waver that is not convenient - it doesn’t minimize to a tray, and in general it looks like this browser is embedded in the window and that's it ... Does anyone use a really convenient thing? Read more

Which FTP server (from free; for example, open source) is easier and safer to install on Windows XP?

The essence of the question is stated in its title. Windows XP - thirty-two bit. Priorities: 1) free of charge, 2) work safety, 3) easy installation and configuration, 4) open source code. Read more

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