Advise content management system for Rails 3

I need to embed CRUD pages with text into the project, so that the administrator can edit them, insert an image, and so on. Something low-level is desirable so that it is well integrated into the project. While looking at Refinery, but can there be other good ones? Needed for Rails 3. Read more

What is missing in the modern CMS?

The answer to this question is useful both for developers of modern CMS, and for beginners who are just starting this difficult and not always approved business. I'm not talking about such things as download speed, user-friendliness of the interface, etc., I expect from you rather specifics and small things that could simplify your life and speed up the work on creating, configuring and filling sites. Read more

Windows 7 - system takes port 80?

I ran into a problem when Denver hadn’t started up at the start of Apache when he started saying that port 80 was busy. Denver moved to another port, but that's not the point. netstat -ano says "TCP ESTABLISHED 4". Port 60976 changes periodically and the process with pid 4 is system.exe. < br /> Actually, the question is: why does system.exe take port 80, and how to cure it? Threat localhost:8080 is not happy :( Upd: Sorry for the error, not System.exe, ... Read more

The impact of the choice of CMS on the ranking?

Hello everyone! We have a question in our studio that I would like to receive an answer, and just to hear your opinion on the basis of experience. Does the choice of content management system affect the ranking of the site by search engines? In particular, Yandex is interested. There is an opinion that websites made on free CMS are worse in terms of ranking compared to commercial ones: on Wordpress, satellites and websites are often in a hurry, and on Bitrix (for example) more serious websit... Read more

How to create your input type in modx 2.0 Revo?

In Modx, it is possible to choose the type of input field when creating tv-parameters: picture, number, text and others. I noticed that some additional packages put their input fields. But I still do not understand how it is possible to create my own customized input fields in the system. Enlighten? Read more

CMS for a store with a specific functionality

Good afternoon. We need a CMS for the store, however heaped up, but with one and only one necessary feature. There is a product consisting of individual whole goods (set). For example, a ring and earrings. It is presented on the showcase as one product unit, but when entering the product page, each component is shown as a separate product with its own options and bells and whistles, and added to the basket it is added as two separate products. For example, in the ring I indicate a pebble -... Read more

Content-Type and redirect?

What Content-Type should give the server if it forwards the request, for example, to the image? That is, the second server response will be with Content-Type: image / jpeg. It seemed to me that all the same. My server returns text / html. But Chrome considers this a mistake and displays a warning in the console. Here is an example from the Yandex main page: Resource interpreted as image but transferred with MIME type .<br/> Resource interpreted as image but transferred with MIME type ... Read more

Online password manager?

Advise good, for chrome in the first place, other browsers are not so important. Just it was convenient, like lastpass (the button poked everything was filled). LastPass and other similar "secure", please do not advise :) Read more

Advise a task management system (internal and coming from outside) for small-medium business and personal use

I would like to implement a task management system, I need something like this. Whether prompt there is already such or it is necessary to sit down to write a bicycle? It is desirable for PHP (for installation on a simple shared hosting), but it is possible in any other language if it is worth it. Thanks in advance. Here is what is roughly required, point by point: Each task (ticket) can: come in the form of an application from the client (email and / or form on a public websit... Read more

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