Examples of Openvz user_beancounters

I'm going to chop the server into containers. Interest examples of tariff plans on OpenVZ, namely cat / proc / user_beancounters Read more

Xen vs KVM vs OpenVZ on my own Dedik (Debian)

I plan to take on intel i7 and think to make virtual environments in Debian for several of my websites. For example, to raise several tomkats so that it was possible to reload / update only the necessary websites, and not all at once. Make also a separate Wirth. machine for one python site. You also need the ability to periodically run the calculations in the tomkata container, which will load the entire system, so somehow you want to slow them down (put it on a separate instance of tomcata)... Read more

Start a browser on a server under Linux?

There is Wirth. openvz machine, you need the ability to run a browser in it (firefox, chrome, etc.). Sometimes you need to see what happens with this browser (VNC?). What is the best way to do not to load server resources heavily (i.e., gnome / kde disappears)? Maybe someone has a useful article in the bookmarks on this topic, how to raise it all? Read more

Virtualization. Openvz, kvm or something else?

I have a Sun X2200 server with 6GB of RAM, 300GB of screw and 1 dual-core processor. The configuration by today's standards is so-so, but on the other hand, 1 GB of unlimited Internet in a decent DC, and in general is not ready to invest a lot of money in hardware (for now). VMWARE ESXi 4.1 with a pack of virtualoks is deployed on the server. Virtualka such - gate, database server, nginx-server, two app-servers (my and a friend) - this is the main thing that turns on this wheelbarrow and there... Read more

Avahi and OpenVZ

Put avahi-daemon on OpenVZ guest systems, but they cannot find each other. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Read more

Virtual machine or OS-level virtualization (KVM vs OpenVZ)?

There is a server on the Xeon E3 and there are services. There is a need to host these services on this server. Machine virtualization is more or less familiar (Xen, VMWare, VirtuaBox). C OS virtualization is not familiar at all. Hence the question: What to choose? Read more about the services: various sites Bitrix sites (which require special php settings and are incompatible with other sites), zabbix SED (Motive - comes with its own set of software Apache, php, java, wh... Read more

Web server not available in openvz container

Good day! The third day I try to set up the configuration: I want to connect to the server via VPN to create a working environment, namely: git, continuous integration server + several build agents, bug tracker, artifact manager + environment where the dev and stable versions of the system will be raised. Now it all works on a variety of servers of different configurations, everything is smeared and somehow not orgazinovanno, inconvenient to manage. Servers (8 pieces) are all rented from het... Read more

Using repositories from Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to Ubuntu 11.04 @ OpenVZ

First, a small prehistory. The other day I killed my VPS (access over SSH fell off) after trying to upgrade the distribution. The tech support said that with the build of Ubuntu, which they have deployed under OpenVZ, such tricks do not work, and I should not have done so. All data is in backups, so I followed the advice of technical support, and did a re-deployment of the system. The latest version of Ubuntu Server, from what they had available - 11.04. I wouldn’t really like to receive anc... Read more

How does XEN differ from OpenVZ?

I know only two differences - the ability to put different OSes in containers and the ability to give devices to a specific container. Well, “a more fair distribution of processor time” - in which the “more honest” is not clear, but let it be more. Are there any more “obvious” advantages? Read more

Analogue of proxmox (debian) for centos?

Is there such a good set of tools as in proxmox only for centos, with support for openvz and xen (can kvm)? Read more

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